Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tagged Fish

Wowsa!  The Lockport 100th Anniversary starts tomorrow and hubby tells me they released the three tagged fish into the river on Tuesday so they're swimming around somewhere.  Evidently, there is a $20 000 prize for catching and verifying the release of the tagged fish...only one of which is the twenty grand one.  I couldn't resist this little pun and believe me, no bait, minnows, hooks or any other type of fishing tackle was used in securing this little guy.  He has a 'waggly tail' (sort of like that doggie in the window) and is much cuter (imho) than the real ugly catfish that will be the contest winner.  I'll be having a few of these at my booth in the Tent at the Locks Market this weekend as well as a lot of other items, several of which will be fish-related.  I am at the finishing stages of getting it all together.  Since this is a one hundredth anniversary event, there's never been a market associated with the Locks, it's hard to tell what size the crowds will be, but should I have an excess of inventory, I can always use it for next week's Corn and Apple Festival in Morden.  That's a bit of a longer drive and it goes on for three days, but it's a first time for me to be in it.  Looking forward to both of the events. 

Yesterday our book club went to see Eat, Pray Love and then went for dinner.  In keeping with the theme of the 'Eat in Italy' we tried to go to The Olive Garden (the closest thing to an Italian Restaurant in the area of the theatre) but there were no parking spots; needless to say that it was over an hour wait for a table for five.  Instead we hopped over to Moxie's and each of us chose something close to a Meditteranean dish/drink.  I had a Bellini and then had Caesar Salad and Calamari.  I know traditionally that Calamari is a Greek dish, but didn't opt for a pizza since I had some the day before.  We discussed the movie and agreed that it was good, even though it deviated from the book just a little, embellishing and adding here and there to make it a little more theatrical.  Too bad it wasn't in smell-a-vision to add to the sensual intensity of the Margherita Pizza in Napoli or the fragrant blossoms of Bali.  I could have done without the smell of the cows in India quite frankly, so guess I should be thankful that s-a-vision hasn't hit the screens yet. 

Now, back to getting items finished in preparation for the Market.  Hubby has relayed that they are still in need of more volunteers for the if you're not too busy, can be in the Lockport area and have a couple of hours to spare this weekend, then by all means drop him a line at to volunteer your services.  I know it's late, but every little bit helps.

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