Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lighter than light

Not much time this week to post.  After the tentlake and hurricane wind problems last weekend, I vowed that this weekend's Festival will be better.  Sounds a little Scarlett O'Harish I know, but that's where determination, or is it plain ol' stubbornness reigns.  I did make a few more sets of buttons the past few days, since the area I'll be in is replete with quilters, and added these few light switch plates to my inventory.

They have a very earthy feel, as you can probably tell.  I went pretty heavy into the texture and hope they end up in some room where there's a wall space just waiting for them.  I could have spent more time on the clouds in the beachy one, but since it's Thursday and I have to leave early tomorrow a.m., I once again, decided less is more.  The ivoryish one is a little cave-like and the soapstone-y effect on the double looks like the entrance to my fantasy secret garden.  I always loved the carving in some of the old soapstone vases we used to have...wonder where they are now?  If they don't turn up, maybe I'll tackle making some as a fall 'spare time' project.  Like spare time exists.  Spare tire?  Yes.  But time?

Off to the Morden Corn and Apple Festival.  I'm as corny as Morden in la la. 


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Hahaha You're too funny Pat! I too have a Spare Tire instead of Spare Time! Love the light switch covers. The textures and design are just lovely. Especially the Beach one!

Pat Sernyk said...

Thanks Cindy,
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Spare tire...funny. lol
Your light switch covers are fantastic, Pat! I agree less is more even though sometimes I have a hard time with that concept. Have a good time at the festival.

Cherylamie said...

Absolutely love them !!!