Friday, November 6, 2009

On with the show this is it...

One week to go before my next sale and this morning I have been working all over the place getting stuff ready for my journals, button cards, hangings, and things loosely categorized as polymer clay art.  I have so many things 'half way done' it's kind of a shame, but my part time work has been keeping me busy.  Even this afternoon I have to go in, but I know it will be enjoyable so I am kind of not too unhappy about that.

On the clay table these days are lots of analogous colours; in particular green, turquoise, cerulian, and shades of purple.  The buttons I have been leaning towards lately are all on the rather large size...the aubergine and turquoise one in the upper left measures almost two inches square.  Once I get all the clay in those colours worked up I am going to be working on another palette on the other side of the colour wheel.  I really don't think about it much, about which side I am working on, but I try to get a good range of all colours of buttons ready before any showing.

Speaking of showing, the event I am in next weekend, actually Friday and Saturday, is the University Women's Club Annual Sale, in the Gates area.  I have to be all prepared by Thursday as the set up is that afternoon and I don't want to be schlepping stuff in two hours before the actual thing starts.  It's my first time showing in that one, although I have been there as a shopper in years gone by.

I also have been doing a little needle felting and have incorporated that in some of my sari yarn work along with polymer buttons.  The bright colours of the roving I am using really add pop to the purses and other pieces. The polymer accents add  just the right balance to integrate the variegated colours of the yarn with the intensely bright shades of the wool roving. 

What fun this all is!

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