Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to Front Purse Views

I got this little purse finished today complete with button trim on the back and a little impromptu felting.  The colors look a little strange in this scan but actually it doesn't look all that bad in real life.  There are a lot of colors in the knitting, that don't seem to be picked up on the scan. 

The closure side is a little less busy.  The finished size of the bag is about 7 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches tall with a handle that's about 14 inches long, making it a drop of approximately 7 inches, depending on how it's carried.  With it being knit, it can probably hold a good amount of stuff, but I wouldn't want to keep small things in it as they might poke through.  This is one I did not put a lining in...dunno, I still might.  But the knit is fairly dense, so unless you really tip it over, it's unlikely that anything would fall out.  I actually used two strands of yarn together, and one of them was a variegated brown/green/gold and the other was a frothy mix of what looks like almost cellophane and some little funky ribbon with gold and purple and everything under the sun mixed together.  With all that mixing up, I just went with two main colors for the felting and even at that, the brown roving seems to be entirely gobbled up by the startkness of the yellow.  That's okay by me though, because the brown is rather a hairy mix and looks like it might serve as a  doll's coiffure. 

Button closure with impromptu needle felting

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