Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Journal in Polymer Clay

What a boring title for a blog entry.  My main intention here is to showcase the work and if the title is a trifle trite, sorry.

This artist journal measures approximately 4 " by 5 1/4" and is filled with watercolour paper, the real thing.  In most of my other journals,  I've used good quality parchment or archival type papers and they've been able to hold more pages.  The paper in this one is rather heavy and very suitable for 'keeper' work, so not as many pages per signature. 

The covers are in a scrumptious blend of golds and near coppers, with many interesting beads to match.  Most of the beads are polymer clay, but I've slipped in a few others just for variety.  And on this one I purposely left the lengths of cording almost like a fringe at the end of the rows of beads.  I figure, if the potential owner doesn't like the length of them, they can be cut off without affecting the stringing, provided they cut below the finishing knots. 

I have a couple more covers finished, and the beads are made but I just need to find the time to put needle and thread to them.  I've been working full time for the past week, but that will end tomorrow, so I can finish the remainder of the books in time for this weekend.  I have a two day event coming up on the weekend (Friday and Saturday) and want to have these books make an appearance there. 

I have a lot of new ideas for the covers of my next set of books.  I have the clay.  I have the papers and the binding materials.  Anyone care to guess what I don't have in order to finish all these things?  Yep.  But after I read the book I just picked up today, I hope to figure out some new ways to save snippets of time, bottle them up and then pour  everything out and all will  come together as brilliant compositions. For now, I have to be content with doing what I can in the time that's available!

This is the back cover with the beads moved over to the side.
I put the detail near the bottom on this one just to be different.


Alice Stroppel said...

Fabulous journal. Really love it.

Pat Sernyk said...

Thanks Alice. It's one of my fave's too.

Liz said...

Beautiful journals. Hope you sell them for a good price.