Monday, May 12, 2008

Mokume Gane Trials

Yesterday was a busy day. After completing the image transfer, I thought I'd tackle a mokume gane sample for this Thursday's class, and here are some of the results. I used a combination of black, gold, white and a bit of brown for the layers, and poked the stack with a few things I had laying on my table. I shaved the top slices pretty thin and then applied them to a very organic-type base.

Of course I had to shape the pieces into "something" so I decided on small book covers. I've been making a lot of books lately, and am getting excited about them. You'd think by now I'd have developed a passion for reading, lol.

As for the back cover, it was actually the same mokume stack but I let it get processed a little more by running it through the pm. Then I added a few more scratches to make the cover rather earthy.
This time I remembered to make lots of complementary beads from the remaining scraps, like both the covers and the interior linings (which you can't see here).
I need to get some other stuff ready for the class, so won't have time to drill the holes and bind it for a while yet.

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