Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fish Transfer

I didn't know fish had to "transfer". Can't they just take a direct route????

I did a preliminary transfer and colouring job on this little pescatore...It is still very much in the rough stage, but the transfer took well and with the heat gun yet! I did bake it after the colouring had been added and a layer of translucent slapped on. A little sanding with 400 grit and then a quick pass with the buffer, and it's ready for using as a demo. Eventually I hope to encapsulate this little rainbow fish (with eyes in the back of his tale) into a book cover. It's quite thin, so will embed well.

Speaking of beds, where and how do fish sleep?

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Tina Holden said...

Oh Fishy, you've been BUSY! Love the fish and had a little giggle about the 'transfer-direct route' and transfer medium 'hic gin' with added scent. You have such a great way with words! I found it interesting to read you taught a class in a music store?...