Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More playing with blends

In a previous post I alluded to the quilting patterns possible with the extrusions made from blends with polymer clay. Here are some other possibilites for having fun. The blue-toned pendant on the right is the one I received from Violette last year as a Winterfest Gift. I think she may have used a similar technique. Qu'en penses-tu?

The one below is unbaked and is just a combination of the small canes as they came out of the extruder. It could be the basis for some quilt pattern.

It's surprising because it's hard to predict how the canes will exit the the extruder. It all depends on the colours that are used and how you stack them inside the barrel. I suppose if one really wanted, they could prepare a master's thesis on the probability of the extrusions, but I prefer to leave these things up to chance and let the random colours play as they may. Did someone talk about permutations and combinations? Oh no, more Math!

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