Monday, December 3, 2007

Molly ready to go!

It has been bitterly cold here lately, and on Wednesday the divine MS. M will be going for a haircut. She'll be shivering with her buzz cut, so I made her some boots and a kind of a sweater from some wool stuff to help keep her from the elements. I know the items don't match, and they're not very decorative, but we are talking PRACTICALITY here. She doesn't mind wearing the sweater, but the booties need to be snugged up a little, as they don't stay on that well. I'm thinking of ways to add a little elastic in the "cuff" part of them.

I made the sweater by cutting up a wool v-neck. I used about half the back for her shortened "front" part and cut off the arms to make armholes. I serged it all together and if you don't look for the "mistakes" it serves its purpose.

The booties were made by taking the ribbing from a turtle neck, and cutting it into four pieces. I sewed each one up tube style, and they look a bit like large, blue, ribbed, cots, with roll tops, if you catch my drift. She doesn't lift her paw to go, so the items don't get soiled, but they do get a little snowy.

She actually likes the sweater a lot, and will sleep in it if we don't take it off after her outings.


Anonymous said...

Does she mind walking in those? I know my dog is finicky about what touches her littles toes.

Pat Sernyk said...

Actually, she doesn't mind the booties, but I have to still put the elastic on the cuffs. They don't stay on too well. And she loves to wear her sweater...indoors and OUT!