Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yum Yum nearly dun

The first of the cocoon dolls is nearly ready. Okay okay...I took poetic licence with the rhyme in the title. But she is nearly done.

Her fan is a piece of excellent Japanese paper that I have been saving for eons...don't go there in that closet! It attaches to her left hand little bracelet by a wire and I needed to take it off while I was doing her "makeup". Sadly, she doesn't appear that well made up, but she is a Geisha in disguise, so can't do much about the normal features. And I have her hair sticks ready to put in, but they angle obliquely and those did not rest well on the background fabric.

Photography isn't going well as the battery in the Camedia D-40 has died (again!) and I had to plug the sucker in to take this shot. Hopefully the battery will be replaced later today, and/or we'll find out if it's the rechargeable type.

Her sisters are still in limbo, not quite ready for publication. And the name Yum Yum is only temporary. She might still be Peep-Bo or Pitti-Sing, depending on which of the finished three little maids turns out to be most "bridely" oriented.

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