Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Morden Here We Come!

Only two more days until set up at the Morden Corn and Apple Festival.  It looks like it is going to be three very warm days so there will be times when I will want to act like this little gal and just dive into some refreshing lake. 

Unfortunately for me, the only one who will be free to do that will be Molly, and now that she is blind, she is much more fearful of diving into the water than she used to be.  But she will be sitting near the lake with DH who says he is bound to catch a fish.  It will be catch and release, but he won't be catching the swimmers like this gal does.  You see by her fins, that she can swim right up to the fish, cuddle them for a moment or two, and then release them.  When she is not in the water, she can hang on the wall and her fish can be played with and then returned to her arms. 

She is about seven inches tall to the tip of her tail fin and her 'locks' are a combination of wool roving and some decorative yarn I picked up in my travels who knows where.  The face and arms, although primitive, emit a Mona Lisa type smile (can I say that?) and she seems thoroughly in a place where all is well with the world.  \\

I wish all was well with me...well I really shouldn't complain because I am well...just busy.  But then again what else is new. 

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