Friday, December 2, 2011

Mama's got a Brand New Bag (almost)

Well, this bag  isn't exactly brand new.  I had woven it last year some time, but had forgotten about it.  When I was looking through my stash of wool I found it, and it was all complete, except for the lining, button loop and the cord.  I found some matching fibres for the long cord, crocheted enough for a loop closure then proceeded to make the lining, a little of which I am purposely showing in the top in this picture.  I made the lining into several layers, including a pocket, so as to make several sections inside.  I stitched everything together and voilà!   The button was from my collection and it was amazing how well it matched all the colors in the bag.  The finished size is about 6 inches on each side, so when opened it has plenty of room for a phone or Blackberry, some make up, keys, a couple of credit cards, maybe a Passport, and whatever else a girl has to carry.  It's not huge, so not great for 'overnighting' but suffice  to say, a savvy girl can find other ways to carry necessities for occasions that warrant more stuff.

I will be taking it to my last sale of the season, which is at Miles Macdonell Collegiate, tomorrow.  It is the school where my husband taught many years ago, and I myself did a stint there when I was in Teacher Training.  The sale is huge with  a couple hundred vendors, and it is  very well visited.  I have to admit that it is a bit overwhelming for some folks, and a bit repetitious because of the huge number of vendor spaces, but there is a lot of interesting stuff, and some of my fellow craftspeople that I know from other shows will be there.  I am quite sure mine is the only booth that will feature polmer clay exclusively, along with a few other items which include polymer in a secondary role, such as this bag.  As well, I will count on seeing some of my former students and colleagues there, some of whom are now in administration at the school.  It's good to see them all and I am looking forward to this sale on a lot of different levels. 

So, in preparation for tomorrow's activity, I am signing off now and hoping I will see some of you tomorrow!

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Its All About Creating said...

Gorgeous! I love, love, love your bag.