Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You can judge a book by its cover

Having travelled some 2000 miles and finally getting settled after a winter hiatus, I located this book that I recently finished among my 'things to save' box. 

This book is one of my faves, with its rich metallic shades which look woven together.  The scan is a bit darker than the actual, but I think the textures are pretty visible.  This one is filled with watercolor paper and the beads on the side are primarily polymer in a lot of different configurations.

I made a lino-cut carving in a piece of baked clay for the insert.  Then I impressed some black clay into it to get the impression and highlighted it with some bronze Pearl-Ex.  I used a sealer on the entire book so as to preserve the metallic, the bronzing, and the little brass pieces I included.  I don't really know what they are, some sort of snaps I think.  They're a very versatile inclusion as I can use either side or fill the center hole with clay.  I also use them as spacers to create a mixed media style. 

I tried to vary the checkerboard and didn't make it so regular, using three colors on a background of darker clay.  The back actually shows the checked effect more clearly. Perhaps it shows up a little better in this scan, or maybe not since it's a little darker. 

I will never do well in optics, scans, picture programs and camera adjustments.   I will leave those things to the photographic wizards out there. 

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