Saturday, February 14, 2009

Molly on Friday the 13th

HI! My Mom (Pat) said I looked so cute that she wanted to put me up on her blog. She is so happy that she got the camera connected, now she only needs to figure out how to use yet another photography program.

Here I am sitting in my favorite rocker...I am a "Rocker" of sorts but my favorite place to sit is in front of the window on my special pillow and watch all the people (and their pets) going by.

I am a little exhausted today because Mommy and Daddy had lots of friends over last evening. It was like a back home reunion.

Now, it's time to go and get some sun and sit on the chaise lounge on the front patio. I have a great vantage point for the parade of people that are going by on their bikes or just walking. It's a great day. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Big Hugs, Molly


Sandra Dobson said...

Hey! That is not the little doggie I see at the front entrance at Victoria Beach is it!

Pat Sernyk said...

Yes, that's Molly, the same one. She is such a sweetie; so nice and friendly. She rules everywhere we go!