Friday, May 21, 2010

Crafts for the Cure

After a couple of weeks (and we're not done yet) of nearly full-time teaching, I figured I'd better spend this weekend getting ready for the Crafts for the Cure Sale.  It is going to be held on Saturday, June 5th at the Fort Garry Curling Club on Archibald Street, in Sunny St. Boniface.  It is a very well organized event and though it is not strictly limited to Artwork, the admission fees and table rentals are intended to support Breast Cancer causes.   For details, click on the link:

We all know someone who has been affected by this 'creature' and for those of us who would rather not RUN for the cure, I suggest that you stop by on June 5th to support this fundraiser. 

Of particular interest, items that I will be making, especially for this event, are the Bottles of Hope.  I was first introduced to this concept about ten years ago, as part of one of the Polymer Clay Guilds that I belong to.  These bottles, often medicinal in nature, are covered in polymer clay, and inside them are inspirational messages for patients and loved ones who have been touched by cancer.  This year, I will be donating 50% of the proceeds of sales from the bottles that I sell to a Cancer Fundraising Agency.  It might be the one which this craft sale is affiliated with, or perhaps another related one, as the Bottles of Hope are not just designed for those afflicted with breast cancer, but cancer of any kind.  Many of the bottles I have made previously were donated to patients in hospitals or given to private individuals in the hopes that they would have a little extra support  in their plight. 

I hope you will support this cause and come out to the event on June 5th.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bichons are more brains than brawn

It's time to write about my dog.  She's such a sweet thing and although I am probably biased, she's very smart.  But pudgy.

Today we came home from a 'birthday party' and it was around 6 pm, a little after the time we normally eat and feed the Divine Miss M.  Now, with her being somewhat 'weight challenged', we've tried to wean her off store-bought treats for the past couple of months, and have been treating her with the occasional baby carrots as an alternative.  She loves the crunch, but truth be told, there's nothin' better than somethin' salty ... and not exactly good for one. 

Before she went on her 'diet' of no sodium-laden treats, we had stored some in a plastic bag, all in bite size bits that we kept in the cupboard next to the fridge.  The door on it doesn't lock, but it is normally closed.  It's pretty easy to open, but I didn't think Molly knew the way to open it.  She always knows the treats are in there, but she's actually been pretty good about not 'asking' for any lately.  Until today.

I think she opened the cupboard because when we got home, I noticed that it was open, and neither of the humans in our house would have left that door open before we left for the party.  A minute later, I looked on the floor.  There was the evidence.  The plastic bag of dog treats was on the floor; thankfully it was unopened.  I guess she didn't want to chew on the plastic.  But the bag did have a few 'scratch marks' on it, and the bag appeared to have been crumpled in an unusual way. I am not going to send in the polyethylene package for dna testing (to see if it really was her saliva on it), but next time we go out, I'll leave a carrot on her plate, and one in the cupboard where we formerly kept the bag o' treats.  And I am going to put that bag in a different cupboard, high above her reach.  WE'LL see if something similar happens again. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Two sides to every fish story

I know I posted this fish a while back, but there is now MORE to the fish story.  (A fish's tale is never completely told!)  I did a couple of scans of it and am proofing it for inclusion in an upcoming magazine.  Hope my scans turn out or this little fishie will have to pose for the 'still-life' camera!  
And I have to get all my fish in a row by Friday (today), as I am going to be working all next week including the weekend of the 15th when I'm teaching my clay class at Poco Beads. 
Speaking of that class, I hope I didn't misinform anyone.  I really wasn't sure of the time, but after connecting with the fun gals at Poco, I realize that the session begins at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 15th and we hope to finish in three hours.  There is another beading class taking place following my session, so it is really important that we finish so I must insist that all clay be conditioned and sheeted before the class starts.

I took several samples of finished, partly finished and 'preliminary' bits to the store yesterday.  For anyone who would like to see what we're making, drop by Poco Beads and have a lookie.  I can't post the items here, but the necklace I posted recently on this blog is one of the possiblities.  There are a couple other variations that I'll be demonstrating, so it looks like it should be a fun class.

Now, it's off to the drawing board and get all my class details finished. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Upcoming Class Schedule and blithering

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to re-connect with lots of my favourite people at the Fort Whyte Artisan's Market which was put on by the Manitoba Craft Museum and Library. After enjoying several uninterrupted weeks of sunshine and fine weather, the weekend unfortunately was rather dull with intermittent showers and cool temps.  So, the expected turnout of clientele was somewhat down, despite dh's phone-in to CBC advertising the event on both days and the organizing committee's campaign.. 

I know a few people heard the p.s.a. and made the trip out, but it just gets me to wondering...what does one (or many people, or the organizers) have to do to get folks out to events such as the one of the past weekend.  There were eighteen artists in attendance, and for the first couple of hours, I wondered if they would outnumber the visitors.  The variety of work being shown was one field was over-represented and the venue was so peaceful and beautiful.  People who lived less than two km. away were not aware that the Show was even on.  One gal I talked to said that if I hadn't contacted her personally, she never would have known about it.  Yet one fellow, a visitor from Germany, said he saw the advertisement poster in a restaurant on Sunday morning, some 20 km away.  I was happy he drove the distance as he purchased one of my Mokume Gane pendants as well as another piece.  It was in different tones than the one I have pictured here, and had an entirely different presentation, but at least his interest allowed me to explain the process behind the technique. 

Speaking of Mokume Gane, that is what I will be teaching at the next session at Poco Beads.  The class will be held during  the afternoon of May 15th and starts at 1 pm, but participants are asked to arrive at least fifteen minutes before. It is expected that they come with their clay colours chosen and have the clay conditioned.  There's just not enough time in a three hour class to get it all done.  The instructions and supplies list will be available to those taking part by contacting Poco no less than three days in advance (that would be May 12) of the class.  The actual project being made could end up as in the picture, although I will be presenting more than one application of the technique.  If you live in the area and would like to take the class, contact Poco quickly as there are a limited number of spaces available at the clay table.  They are open afternoons from Tuesday to Saturday and I think they're open most evenings too, but check to make sure.

In other areas, I am also doing a couple of art projects in know it's Mother's Day very soon (next Sunday) and that means that the littler hands will be mushing up the clay and making their own  delicious creations to treat Mom to something special on her day.  The last group had plenty of fun and their works were awesome. 

And now, I'm off to loll around some more.  I've taken 'the day off' to celebrate my own thing...As they say in France, I enjoyed a grasse matinée...slept in, had a soothing bubble bath and lingered over a café au lait with some biscotti until ten a.m.  Unheard of for me...I am normally up and working by 5:45 am.  But after the past four weeks of unending 'busy-ness' I indulged myself.